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  • Amazing attitude towards animals. Just amazing.
    First of all, hello everyone, I'm new to the forums but I rant a lot, so I'm probably gonna stay around for a while.

    second, this is gonna be very very long.

    I have a Sibe Husky, who's almost 1 year old now. It was my dad's idea to get him for me as a birthday gift(which is generally very a irresponsible thing) but he is lucky that I am an animal lover who actually cares for them. Either way, this pooch became my best friend and the light of my life. His name is Orion "Bobbi" Mockingbird, after the constellation Orion and the Marvel character.
    I recently moved out of my dad's house and into my mom's because of many reasons, one of them being that they weren't treating my dog right. And by that I mean they were actually abusing him for simply being a dog, and whenever he barked, mouthed or was playful they would yell and at a few points my brother would hit him. So that was it, I moved out and into my mom's, hoping it would be better, as my dog was very fond of my mom and much preferred living with them than with my dad.
    So I moved in, and it starts. The dog had a mouthing issue which I managed to stop towards me. However he would mouth my mom, her boyfriend and my sister so they would yell at him, yell out multiple commands, curse at him, then tease him while he was still mouthing them and calling him a good boy then getting frustrated because he 'bites everyone all the time'. He does it to play and for attention, and it is not an acceptable behavior in his case since I want to volunteer him as a therapy dog in 1.5 year's time, so I tell them what to do to stop it, so they did it once or twice, decided it wasn't working, and went back to their 'BOBBI! NO! STOP! SIT! STAY! WAIT! SIT! *dog still mouthing* Good boy, are you a good boy? You are a good boy yes-- OUCH BOBBI FOR FUCK'S SAKE YOU LITTLE SHIT OUCH THAT ACTUALLY HURT THIS TIME AND IT IS SERIOUS GET HIM TO STOP'
    And no matter what I say, or tell them to do at this point, they get frustrated. Take my sister for example. Today, he wanted to get to the cat(another thing, since my sister didn't want to introduce them when they were little because she was scared he'd maul the cat up. So now he likes to go after the cat. A normal thing for a dog who was not trained to leave that cat alone.) so my sister tells him to sit and wait. Now, when I say wait to him, it means 'you can do what you want to do, but you have to wait until I tell you you can do it' so in this case she should have said 'stay' for him not to go further and 'don't touch' for him to leave the cat(which does work, but nawww, who needs it right???) but because she told him to wait, she told him 'yes, you can go after the cat, just wait for my command'. So I bring it up, and she tells me to shut up. Her cat herself has behavior issues that I can see are actually becoming worse. When you pass him by the bathroom door(where he spends most of his time because ***someone*** didn't want to introduce the pets so she locked the cat in her room all the time so that they wouldn't have physical contact so because of this she gets frustrated that she has to lock the cat up in the bathroom sometimes...surprise surprise you brought it on your cat yourself) he will attack you, scratch and bite you, because he is paranoid that you are the dog trying to go after him or just because he wants to play. I heard my sister say once 'it's how they communicate'. Yeah, well, mouthing is how dogs communicate but it doesn't mean that it is something that they should be allowed to do. He didn't even have a scratching post until today because she found one for 5 euro.(Well, he did, but for like what, one day? two days? but he 'didn't use it' so she didn't bother with getting him a new one) Then there was the spraying issue he had before he was neutered. Normal thing for an unneutered male, but on the day she neutered him(a few weeks ago. The cat is 1 year old) she said she would have 'neutered him sooner' but she didn't have the time(when she was home every second/third week from college for a whole week or even two at times) or money(when a couple of months ago she bought tickets to see imagine dragons. Two tickets, around 30euro each. The cat's neutering cost him 40euro.) When I told her her cat has behavior issues, she got offended. So eventually she asks me about them, and what she can do to fix them. So I start speaking, and I say: 'Well he does have some communication issues, since you did get him, then kept leaving him every few weeks for college, then came back for a week, left again, and so on and on, so you just need to spend time with him.' So she gets offended, retorts 'No he does not have communication issues.' I was calmly talking to her since she brought it up and asked about it, and I didn't even finish my reply: 'Well he does, you can see it when he--' so she throws a mug in the sink, goes to the couch, and says to me, 'Fuck you he doesn't'. I mean she asked about it, so I was just answering her. It's like she wants a specific answer(aka 'your cat is the perfect little angel you think he is') and anything other than that is offensive. It sounds like most of tumblr's social justice warriors.
    My mom? She doesn't agree with my training methods. She believes I should let the dog mouth people 'because he is playing'. No. Just....no. Imagine a kid coming at you with a butter knife thinking he's playing, you wouldn't allow that would you? Also since this is a Siberian Husky, they can be stubborn sometimes, so you need to be firm and sometimes you HAVE to raise your voice(which doesn't hurt the animal) so whenever I do raise my voice my mom says, 'stop yelling at him' I'm not even yelling. I'm literally just saying something louder than usual.

    I hate this. I want to become an animal behaviorist with some sort of specialty in dog training, preferably schutzhund and protection work if I can, so I have to do a LOT of research, I know trainers, I look at every method from different points and from all 16 years of my life so far spent learning about dog training, I am pretty sure I know what I am saying and doing. And my sister wanted to get a dog. Luckily she is changing her mind. But she wants another cat. I really feel sorry for her cat. /:

    Eh...this was shorter than I thought it'd be. I missed many things that I just don't feel like going back to.
    Have you tried 'doga' ?
    "Doga is a type of yoga in which people use yoga to achieve harmony with their pets. It started in New York in 2002 when Suzi Teitelman started yoga for dogs."

    [Image: A8Cfns5.jpg]
    I did manage to read through your post, after introducing spaces between words and sentences.

    tl;dr; version. OP has a dog which has a mouthing habit, which I learnt to mean the dog has a tendency to "bite" people. Naturally people shout at it and OP is not happy with that and heads to mom's place where her sis's cat creates a "dogs and cats" problem and more. So she says 'you can all go to the dogs' and has chosen to become a animal behaviorist. Kudos. Apologies for any oversimplification and errors in this summary.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash

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