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  • Rant Always being let down
    Things that aggravate me to the point where my anger turns to actual sadness? A circumstance that actually cause tears of anger to flow or come to be at a loss of words???? Someone's baffoonery that makes you lose faith in humanity?

    Some of the many (but not all) things that irk me are:
    • I'd like to give a great big FUCK you to the makers of Progresso soup. I'd call it shit in a can, but I don't want to insult any shit that may be reading this. Seriously though. I bought a can of Manhattan Clam chowder and a can of the same made by Chunky.  The Progresso was watery, and the veggies were small and the bowl when I finished was all shit broth... The chunky soup there was almost no broth since it was sucked in by the many vegetables. Thanks, Progresso, for fucking up one too many of my meals.
    •  Going to FB jail for offensive content. FB should be a place for "friends", people you trust. A friend of mine was put there a few times for memes he posted. WTF??? FB is an elective site where you get to chose your friends. It's a public site, but the friend's circle is not. If you find something a friend says offensive, ignore it, unfriend or block them. Don't tell on them... And part of FB's faggotry is that they don't tell you who reported you... If that happens to me, I won't be able to block the butthurt pussy that turned me in... Fuck FB (one of the many reasons to, anyway). FB is too much of a pussy to tell these butthurt sissies to ignore or unfriend, so they fake being progressive and "ban the offender". The scary thing is, it's all subjective anyway.
    •  People using the uber-sensitive culture this place has become to force their beliefs on others, regardless of logic or science. More specifically, In the news, there is another man transing into a woman and therefore decided to enter a weightlifting contest and smash all the female records. If one personally wants to identify as something else, OK, I'll call you a transgender female... But know that's not the same as a regular female. Since there are no participation trophies in real life, don't cheat and take pride in an obvious manipulation of knowing the majority of society is too scared to call you out on your bullshit!! "She " was not proud enough to tell the people setting up the event so they decided to exponge all the records set by him. What will piss me off is if/when "she" gets angry and victimized that they did this. FUCK YOU! Compete in your own gender, or wait until the tranny class is invented. You wanna be a trndsetter for your lifestyle? You gotta go through struggle!
    What bothers you?
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    not much,does that make you feel better?
    (05-06-2019, 09:23 AM)srijantje Wrote:  not much,does that make you feel better?

    So, when you are in your circle of Yaks, and one comes on to you only to make her ex-jealous, you mean to tell me it doesn't bother you that you are just used as a pawn in her love game of jealousy without ANY regard to your feelings as a person???

    Either you are lying or are on some awesome pot that makes you not care about it. OR, maybe you are on a different level of consciousness that allows you to not care about stupid shit. If that's the case then Kudos...You are a better man than me...

    Another thing that lets me down is MYSELF... NO matter how much I know it's better to let things go, I still let stupid shit bother me...

    Oh and porn... When the girl looks into the camera and winks and otherwise blows kayfabe.
    Sometimes with the best of intentions, hope can let you down...
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