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  • Tutorial Allow Autoplay For Videos In Firefox
    As of Firefox 66, media autoplay with sound is being blocked by the browser. This follows moves made earlier to block autoplay from mobile devices, to conserve bandwidth. It isn't a bad thing for those that prefer it, but I will show you how to disable it if you preferred it the other way.

    When you visit a site, like YouTube, you can tell if Firefox is blocking autoplay by looking in the navigation bar:

    [Image: rsWY.gif]

    If you see that icon, click it to bring up the site information menu:

    [Image: Y1PG.gif]

    Using the highlighted setting, you can allow autoplay on any sites that you want.
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    ++1 to my big bro.

    I have my Youtube playlists playing in the backgroud, and it just recently started stopping after every song. You know my eye issues... I didn't see it until you pointed it out. I thought my FF was fucking up since I just recently reinstalled it so I can get my siriusXM player to load, so I thought the reinstall screwed up somehow.

    I've come to love FF, I don;t mind this , as long as I know how to fix it. THANKS MAN!
    (04-07-2019, 04:12 PM)LZA Wrote:  I've come to love FF, I don;t mind this , as long as I know how to fix it. THANKS MAN!

    You're welcome.

    I'm a big fan of Firefox. This change is actually great because now all those ragged ass news sites won't pummel me with unwanted videos when I just want to read the article.
    Just an update. Now you can specify even more about how sites play videos. Including, allowing them to play silently.

    Stop Video Autoplay With Firefox –
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