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    What Add-ons do you use and why? Would you recommend them?

    The only add-on I currently have running is Adblock Plus, for Firefox, which is a must. I'm still looking into other add-ons but haven't found any yet, that I think may be of any use to me.
    Most people usually recommend NoScript as another must-have.
    Noscript Security Suite â€" Get
    This Extension For 🦊 Firefox (En-Us)

    [Image: MyUserBar2.gif]
    Ad Muncher it's on TPB fantastic.

    CCleaner is a must.
    I have the Change Colors add-on which is a must for my aging eyes. The white background is too painful.
    With Change Colors my background is now a soft grey.

    Besides AdBlock I also have AdBlock Plus.

    and ... WOT (Web Of Trust) which lets me know which sites are trustworthy and which are not Yay

    and ... INDb quick link, for us movie lovers Yay

    When I first found out about add-ons I was adding everything under the sun, I've since disabled or deleted most of them as I wasn't using them Tongue

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    I've found a lot of nice add-ons for Firefox, but the most handy tool in reference to foruming is this: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox...mage-tags/

    Go to the web and right-click any pic to get the BB code image tags copied to the clipboard to paste directly into the forum post.

    Also, select any text and right-click to have the BB code quote tags copied.

    It even has a multi-tagging mode that allows tagging of several different images and quotes to be copied simultaneously.

    It saves me a lot of steps. Smile
    Adblock Plus
    Movable Firefox Button
    Tab Killer

    Those are what I have at the moment. I hate tabs.
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    This thread has proved helpful I didn't know about Adblock Plus but I do now and its loaded and installed. Yay
    these are the ones i use:

    [Image: 3O4UBaZ.jpg]
    So now that I've comfortably moved from browsing with Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox, i've put a couple addons to it. Like, my Webroot password security filler (1 click and my user ID & pass are entered into the fields). That and the picture chopping feature VF told me about...

    My question to you (any and all who want to respond). What type of browser do you use? If you use Firefox, what are some good add ons I can get.. I love firefox. Just curious...
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    I run the latest Firefox with a number of plugins.
    They include:

    Adblock Plus
    Canadian Weather
    Classic Theme Restorer
    Forum Tags PLUS
    FoxyProxy Standard
    Memory Restart
    Simple Clocks

    I also run Firefox Sync, so that my saved Firefox bookmarks and settings, and the website user IDs and passwords that it remembers for me, will replicate automatically between the various PCs that I have running Firefox.

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