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  • Absolutely loathe my colleague
    I am a teacher who works with a paraprofessional (like a teacher's aid). She is an absolute nightmare. Every year she gets placed with a different teacher because she has conflicts with literally every single teacher she has ever worked with. She even had to be placed in a different class mid year once because it got so bad. Formal complaints have been filed against her by several teachers. I guess this year it's my turn to get stuck with her.

    In a nutshell, this woman is incredibly controlling. If you do the slightest thing that's not to her liking, you better believe she'll let you know - in the rudest and most condescending way. She speaks down to me all the time - even though I've been teaching several years longer than she's been an aid. She thinks she knows everything, but the frustrating thing is, she is absolutely awful at her job. She does nothing. She sits at her desk all day, barely glancing towards the students. If I dare ask for help, she snaps at me, with comments such as "I'm not a child, don't tell me what to do" or "I know the right way to do things, not you".

    The principal is aware of her, because she got so bad that would start yelling sometimes, and other staff got so concerned about me that they reported her to the principal. Since then she's cut down on the outbursts, but is so demeaning towards me. I can't do anything without her getting pissed. Worst is, she talks down to me in front of the students. I'm so stressed now. I think I'm going to talk to the principal about her again. I don't want to be a complainer, as this is my first year working with this principal, but I don't know what else to do. I dread going to work because of her. I have knots in my stomach all day, waiting for her to snap next. How she even still has this job is beyond me, based on her track record.
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    Yes, I know a nut job that became a teacher. Never had kids of her own. Even with my poor education I have corrected her on several matters. Teachers are not perfect. It still rings in my head from a teacher "I" before "E" but only a hand full of words are spelt that way. Unfortunately we often have to work with people that piss you off. They don't last long if your in the right.
    Dont be a submissive, be a dominant. this sounds like the kind of bitch that walks on people because the people let her. stand up for yourself, treat her equally bad, and she'll either straighten up or move the fuck out. theres no use going to the principle if all thats going to happen is she /MAY/ be moved. if you have more experience than she does, then show it.

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