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  • Absent mindedness
    I was watching TV over dinner yesterday.
    I turned off the TV midway and was clearing the "table".
    I must have been diverted by some thought.
    I placed the spoon next to the TV and the remote on the kitchen shelf.
    And then i realized what I'd done.

    Am sure I've done many similar things earlier.

    Have you done or seen anyone doing something absent minded.

    Let's amuse us. :-)

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    sometimes i open the fridge door, rather than the silverware drawer, looking for a fork/spoon/knife.
    It was a somewhat infrequent occurrence, but when it happened it was "original comedy" ... everytime.

    The first company I worked in, was a small one space wise.
    The men's room saw high traffic and high occupancy.
    It also used to be the occasional chat room.

    For whatever reason, there used to be some guys who used to enter, then pause to wonder what they were doing there. A moment later the guy would pause bemused and realize he had entered by force of habit or remember the actual intended destination. Needless to say it was a tragicomic story for the then current occupants !

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    Years ago I drove all the way to Block Buster to return a VHS tape (I told you it was years ago) and realized when I got there that the movie was still in my VCR. Blush

    One night I offered to make the next round of drinks for a couple of friends and returned with three bourbon and cokes-- minus the bourbon Blush Blush

    I often have to walk a lot of extra steps at work because I forget tools that I know I need for the job at hand. Sometimes multiple times . . . I blame it on Obama Tongue
    I have no such problems,I'm sharp as a doornailBig Grin
    I know what you mean, but this is what I found !
    Dead As A Doornail
    Definition of dead as a doornail in the Idioms Dictionary by The...

    During exam days at school, I would often land up in the kitchen to take a bath.
    I was a bundle of nerves.

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash
    The other day when I was playing some COD AW online multiplayer I got up inbetween matches to take a leak. There is about a minute break between matches, for those who don't know. I was in a hurry to drain the lizard so I could get back in time for the next game. I was in a easy kill lobby , it was like playing against the puter bots on easy. When I got up I set the controller on the sofa close to where I was sitting and hurried to the potty. After doing my business in the mens room I hurried back so I wouldn't get kicked out of the lobby for inactivity. In that short amount of time I forgot where I set the controller. I must have looked for it for 15 minutes and probably looked right over it half a dozen times before I found it, by then it was to late, I was already kicked for inactivity. I'm sure me being high at the time didn't help.
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    ^^ yeah, weed can sometimes get in the way Big Grin

    I'm not sure if this was absent mindedness or sheer irony, but I was once a volunteer on a university psychology testing board. It's purpose was to provide a pool of volunteers for psychological testing to phd students and the like, and mainly consisted of filling in very, very long questionnaires.

    The first testing board I signed up for was on memory. Students had designed question & answer sessions, questionnaires, and role playing exercises all centred on human memory, improving memory, etc etc.

    I forgot about it and didn't turn up, having only remembered about the event several days after it had taken place.
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    Once I started the washing machine, and deciding on what wash was to be done first, The colors or the towels...It'll all get done sooner or later...Then someone asked me a question or something....next thing you see, Lo and behold the fuckin washing machine finished it's cycle with no clothes in it!!!!! You can't get more absent minded then that can you????
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    I usually don't get absent mindedness... not anymore anyways, I kinda miss it to be honest. I can't stop thinking these days, and it drives me insane. I wish I could smoke weed again so I can just sit and drool at the pretty colors on my monitor.

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