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  • A few things about Windows Users....
    I'm one of those people who hate Microsoft, but feel like I am stuck using Windows forever. Before anyone starts trying to convert my to *nix, it ain't gonna happen.

    Everything that I am used to is on Windows. Unfortunately, a lot of the things I am used to is system crashes, driver issues, and problems with dev tools needing a lot of config to work with Windows.

    The other things I am used to is the ease-of-use, wide selection of apps, and of course, games. In the last few years, the PC game market has become a close shadow of the console market. I remember a time when it was absurd to expect to be able to play dedicated console games on the PC. Now however, some of the best titles available are created for PC.

    Games like Skyrim, Fallout, Dead Souls, The Long Dark, etc. are top quality games that I can play with the keyboard/mouse, or use my old Xbox controller...

    Windows sucks...but mostly because I can't get by without it.
    If you're a gamer you need Winders, for sure. That is the only logical reason I see for continuing to use it. As far as wide selection apps of I would say Debian based distros like Ubuntu and Mint have an app alternative for almost every Windows app, games and some high end stuff like Photoshop being notable exceptions. It's also easier to install software in Linux, in my opinion. Easier to avoid malware that is designed for windows. (I know there is malware for linux, usually aimed at exploiting servers not some random home desktop user.) Ease of use I have to dispute you there. A lot of windows users confuse user friendly with "how it works in windows." You are smart enough to learn Linux Mint, someone's grandmother could use it. But yeah, I'm kind of over the platform, os, and phone os wars. Use apple iOS if you like, use Windows on the desktop for gaming I really don't mind. I use Linux because I don't game and it is free and open source, stable, fast, etc. I basically do web browsing, irc, VLC media player, and a few other basic apps. I don't do high end video or photo editing. I don't game, etc.

    TLDR: use whatever suits your needs and that you're comfortable with.
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    ESET Discovers 21 New Linux Malware...
    All malware strains are trojanized versions of the OpenSSH server or...

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    ESAD^ Heart
    The benefit of wandering client profiles is that clients don't have to make a profile on every PC they use on a system. Required Client Profiles. A required client profile is a sort of profile that overseers can use to determine settings for clients.

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    Very helpful post, Thanks for sharing.

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