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  • A celebration of our pets
    I just saw an interesting news item that said owning a pet will cut your risk of heart disease. The headline read: "Anyone wanting to live longer and cut their risk of heart disease might want to consider getting a pet."

    Page Not Found | Reuters
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    This makes perfect sense to me because the times that I spent playing with my pets (especially my large green Amazon parrot) were some of the most relaxing and enjoyable times of my life. So, I'd like to invite anyone here who has a pet or who used to have a pet to tell us their opinions whether pets really do reduce serious diseases such as heart disease and strokes and also to tell us about some of the pleasant experiences they have had with their pets.

    Some of my very favorite experiences with Squawker (my parrot) were the result of my training her to help me pick up girls. (believe it or not!). Whenever I was indoors and there were some girls around (like whenever I took her into a pet store), I would set her down on the counter and then grab her firmly (but gently) around her neck. Very often, girls were shocked by the way I held her and told me I was being mean to her. That was my inroad to then chat with them.

    I explained to them that I held her in that way so many times before that she was perfectly familiar and comfortable with it and that she hardly even noticed it anymore. I also explained that the reason I did that was because it was the safest way for me to hold her in public since anytime there was a sudden loud noise or disturbance, most birds would be startled and would try to fly away. They might even bite their owner's hand so that we would release them. But by holding her the way I did, she could not bite me and she could not fly away. She was nice and snug and secure. I also explained that if my holding her in that way was even the slightest bit painful or uncomfortable for her, she would definitely complain about it by squawking loudly. I didn't call her Squawker for nothing.

    Then, I would gently stroke her head and she would bow down and raise the feathers on her neck and head so that I could scratch the back of her neck (she really loved that) and everyone would see that she was indeed a very happy girl and that she loved being held and stroked in that way. One girl even asked me to scratch the back of her neck because it looked so nice to her. Oh, Jackpot!

    I would then invite the girls to come back to my place and see her perform all the tricks she knew and talk up all the words she could speak. It surprised me just how often these girls were happy to come over and I was very proud of Squawker because she genuinely seemed to like helping me pick up girls this way. She was such a clever parrot! I really and truly loved her. love. love. love. love. loved her. Heart Heart Heart

    Good times.
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    Lol, Ali, I don't think anyone here will be surprised to learn that you kept and trained a parrot to pull women. Big Grin Having a pet is good for us, and the benefits go both ways. When humans and animals are stroked, or touched gently, a particular hormone is released which is beneficial to our (and the pet's) health. People who keep pets are happier people, especially those with social animals such as dogs.

    When I adopted my dog just over a year ago, and moved to a new area, I found she lived for playing with other dogs. Within weeks, I kinda organised an informal dog club for all the local dog owners to come to, because dogs who socialise with other dogs are happier, plus it reduces problematic behaviour. It wasn't long before I started getting asked to walk/train other people's dogs for a living, and that's what I'm doing now. I've also trained a couple of the dog owners I've met through my dog. She has benefited my health, and my finances. She's truly amazing, and I love her to bits. Smile
    I have two cats.
    I believe in the saying that "A home without a cat is just a house."
    I also walk a big husky dog regularly for a lady acquaintance who is too busy working to have time to walk her own dog.

    Pets help bring out the humanity in people.
    A person who won't care for a pet properly, is not as likely to treat other people as well as they should.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    Wow, Velvetfog,

    I am really surprised to learn that you have two cats and regularly walk a big husky.

    Is it a Samoyd? Or a Malamute? My dog Nookie was a Samoyd.

    I should tell you the story behind the name "Nookie".

    A few hours after I got him, I was walking him and a girl came up to pet him and she asked me, "Does he bite?"

    I told her, "Why, a little Nookie never hurt anybody." And thus, his name was born right there.


    I'm very happy to learn that you were able to convert a hobby that you loved into a way to make a living.

    That happened to me once and there was no time during my life that I was ever happier (except for my time being a University student).

    So, I congratulate you!
    (05-11-2013, 12:20 PM)AliShibaz Wrote:  I am really surprised to learn that you have two cats and regularly walk a big husky.

    Why would that be a surprise?
    I like animals, and cats and dogs like me too, because I always treat them with respect.

    (05-11-2013, 12:20 PM)AliShibaz Wrote:  Is it a Samoyd? Or a Malamute?

    The dog I walk is a 7 year old female Alaskan Malamute named "Rainie"
    She looks like a well fed grey wolf.
    She is very strong, like a sled dog.
    If I was wearing roller skates, I wouldn't have to walk with her.
    She'd just pull me along.

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein

    I guess the "surprise" is because of your avatar and also because of your personality. I've always envisioned you as a wizened older man who can be somewhat cantankerous.

    Of course, it is just nonsense to draw any conclusions about someone's personality based on the avatar they choose. Recently, someone said they thought I was a female because of the avatar I chose. The truth is that I had to pick an avatar and I didn't want to spend a whole lot of time choosing one and so I just chose one that I thought people would not pick fights with cuz she looks like a harmless little girl. Silly, huh?

    Anyway, as far as Huskies go, Malmutes are beautiful and so are Samoyds. In truth, I could never decide which one is more beautiful. I think they both are the most beautiful looking dog breeds of them all. But that is just a personal preference. I think most everyone has one breed they would pick as the most beautiful.

    Funny that people don't seem to feel as strongly about cats. Many do. But it seems to me that if you ask people what their favorite breed of cats are, or what breed they think is the most beautiful, they would have to stop for a few moments to think about it. But if you ask them about dogs, I think most people would have an answer right away.

    But, maybe that is just because I am a dog lover. I like cats just fine and I've never had a problem with any cats. I have had a few good cat friends. But if I had my druthers and I ever decided to get another pet, I'm pretty sure it would be a dog.

    I recently read about the way people feel about various dog breeds. I was surprised to learn that many people think that Dalmations are the most stupid breed of dog. Maybe that is because they have been inbred so much? I don't know. I have heard many people say they think the most stupid breed is that dot that kind of looks like a Whippet. But I forget the name of the breed. They are a little larger than a whipped. Anybody know?

    I have negative feelings towards a few breeds. I really don't like Poodles. They just don't seem like real dogs to me. I'm not sure why.

    I also don't like Boxers. I think it's because they have a propensity to jump up on people. I now know that is because they want to be friendly and play. But when I was 4 years old, some Boxer jumped up on me and put her paws squarely on my chest and knocked the wind out of me and knocked me square on my ass. I was scared to death and didn't stop crying for about an hour. It's pretty funny today. But it was extremely terrifying for a 4 year-old.

    For anyone here who has kids or will have kids, I would caution you to be very careful when bringing a child into contact with a Boxer.

    Ha Ha Ha! I entered the following phrase into Google, "what is the most stupid breed of dog?" It listed the following site:

    Top 10 Least Intelligent Dogs - Hard
    To Train Dog Breeds

    It's called the "Top 10 Least Intelligent Dogs". Right at the Number One spot was the breed I was thinking of when I said it looked kind of like a Whippet but was a little bit larger. It is the "Afghan Hound". FYI, here is their top 10. I don't necessarily agree with them at all. But I thought some of you might be interested:

    1. Afghan Hound
    2. Basenji
    3. Bulldog
    4. Chow Chow
    5. Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound)
    6. Bloodhound
    7. Pekingese
    8. Mastiff
    9. Beagle
    10. Basset Hound

    I was really surprised by the Beagle and Basset Hound and Pekingese. I always thought they were pretty smart breeds.

    While I was searching, I found this great site about dog behavior.

    Spud? I think you will really be interested in seeing this one:

    5 Myths About Dog Behavior That
    Often Lead To Tragedy
    (This post was last modified: 05-11-2013, 08:20 PM by AliShibaz.)
    Thanks for the link Ali. Yay

    You may find the dog breed that you're trying to identify here. Just scroll down a bit until you get to the pics.
    I have a cat. Sometimes I think he's the only one in the house that understands me...It's easier to like animals more than people sometimes, most times...You know what I mean.
    "I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals."
    -Winston Churchill

    Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
    - Robert A. Heinlein
    I also had a 130 pound (59KG) Rottweiler named baby. She used to sleep on the couch. I also remember when my mother was sick with cancer she stopped sleeping on the couch & slept on the floor by my mother's bedroom. They always seem to know when there is something wrong...
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