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  • A Reminder About YouTube Links
    I have made a custom plugin that automatically displays YouTube videos from links only. So there is no need to use the video tags at all for YT vids.



    Is all you need to embed this:

    If you use the [video] tags they will just be removed by the system, but some trash may be left behind. (I am working to fix that)

    Just FYI.
    Sorry I'm used to suprbay. Good tip, ty.
    Just looking out. I will be trying to work on Vimeo as well. If anyone has a video site that should be added then feel free to post here and I will look into it when there is time.

    However, historically there has never been any time.
    (10-01-2018, 11:35 AM)politux Wrote:  Sorry I'm used to suprbay. Good tip, ty.

    Me too...I just corrected the last post. Actually much easier! I don't have to preview post to get the tag option.
    I'm glad it works out for you Smile
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