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  • Rant A Rant About Ranting About The Weather
    the guy prob.dpdn't have medicare for all,some anti biotics would have saved his life Tongue
    i don't like rain or cold and detest humidity on a hot day. the older i get the more i like it hot and dry also it's optimal weather for motorcycle riding!

    "be here now" ~ baba ram dass
    Happy first day of Summer!!!

    This is not a rant, but a happy brag:

    [Image: HaTvKGB.png]

    The inly thing that sucks is mowing the properties and having to ingestthat F-in POLLEN!!
    I am gonna rant today...

    Gonna mow the lawns for probably the last time (maybe one more after this)

    The weather has been utterly PERFECT here... Only a matter of time before is BS cold, grey, and snowy. I have to take everyday and think of this so I can appreciate it.
    Gonna rant again

    September/October are the 2 BEST months as far as weather here in the NE. I'm in heaven with this shit
    I don't like hot,the rest,throw it at me,I'm happy

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