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  • Rant A Rant About Ranting About The Weather
    People always complain about the weather— even when it's perfect. On cold days everybody informs you of the temperature in case you've forgotten: "Man! It's cold!" On those blistering summer days when there isn't enough Gatorade in the world to make it better, we wish for the cool breezes of Autumn.

    [Image: 19.png]

    Even when it's beautiful outside in Autumn or Spring, people complain, "I wish it was like this more often." It kind of makes me think that it goes back to a basic problem of being ungrateful. The frost was on my car this morning for the first time this year. At the beginning of every Winter there is an adjustment period in which I have to remind myself to warm up the car, get a jacket, etc...

    To me it's a wonderful change and keeps life moving. From cool to cold and back to warm. From warm to hot and back to cool. It is the fabric that keeps every day from becoming too mundane.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    Agreed! I knew I liked you...
    yes,i like weather,that's one reason i live where i do
    All I've got say about that is, 'Man! It's cold today!' Tongue

    Wildcard is awesome.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE MY Alabama weather!!!!! HeartHeartRolleyesHeartHeart

    Bunnies are better
    We don't have weather in Australia, we're too far away Tongue

    Actually, when you're a country of extremes, the weather does become slightly important -- for example, when we hadn't got more than a couple of mm of rain for four years or more and our water supply was critical, the chance of rain became quite a concern. And now, when we're flooded, the chance of rain stopping becomes just as much of a concern!

    No fucking censorship. Ever.
    I can understand that, but what I don't get is why people can't be content in temperate atmospheres...changes in weather are natural occurrences, not reasons to bitch.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    I was reminded of this thread today.

    We are having very temperate weather at the moment. Even so, people still complain about the weather all the time.

    Yesterday it was, "I have to wear a coat in the morning, but by the afternoon, I am in short sleeves!" <-- said angrily as if it was a huge imposition.

    It is like 50°F in the morning and the high is currently between 65°-75°F here at 2:00 PM. Rolleyes

    Motherfuckers will complain about anything...
    People are just miserable I guess. People think that negative is more interesting, so they have to bitch about anything.

    Living where I live, it's taboo to complain about the weather, since we are all supposed to know that the weather changes all the time. But fuck that... after it feels like winter is gone on for 15 months, temps in the teens and fuckin SNOW, I'll bitch about that. But the weather here has been really nice lately... I'm actually happy about it (have the window open now).

    I guess going through bad weather makes me appreciate the nice weather more... I'd love to move to SanDiego as far as nice temps... But without a contrast, I wonder If I'll even get sick of it over there in time and bitch about it too?
    I'm gonna bitch about the weather today... Raining like hell and we even had a tornado WARNING! Still, better than cold and snow.

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