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    A Note On Creating Holiday Threads
    I have allowed the Welcome forum to become a catch all for any and all holiday greetings and I think it is nice that we can have a different thread for as many holidays as we have members that are into celebrating them.

    However, I think it would be in the best interest of all to clearly label these threads by their correct names.

    Each person that creates the first holiday thread has ownership of the thread in the sense that they will always get credit for starting the thread, but as the staff we must make sure that everything is clearly labelled.

    So starting now (Nov. 23, 2012) I would ask anyone with a thread in this forum to make sure that they have used the proper name for the chosen holiday. Feel free to personalize it, but just maintain the name of the holiday. For example, It's Xmas Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would be much better (in my personal opinion only though) as 'Merry Christmas' or even 'The Merry Christmas Thread', but 'It's Christmas Time!' would be fine too. Smile

    This all sounds kind of dictator-ish and I don't mean for it to. It's just that I've realized that members create duplicate holiday threads in part because searching for the given name of the holiday doesn't yield title results.

    So editing would be best because the alternative is me fumbling around with your title and screwing it up Tongue

    Feel free to start a thread in Site Issues to discuss this policy because I want to be sure that it best serves our community.

    Thanks for being patient with me as I learn,

    Thread Closed

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