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  • Music 90s Production is Unlistenable
    So here's my beef folks. Any album mastered and released in the 1990s, specifically indie rock bands with limited budgets, sounds like absolute shit when listening to it today.  I don't know if it is because in the 90s people thought treble was more important than bass, or if tech has improved or what.  But when I listen to old 90s albums, specifically the CD rips of them, they sound so thin and crappy.  Any thoughts?
    I'm gonna have to disagree here, but mostly because I think you are making too sweeping of an accusation.

    Some of my favorite albums were produced in the '90s:

    Pearl Jam — Ten, No Code, Vitology, and Yield
    Nirvana — Nevermind & In Utero
    STP — Core & Purple
    Temple of The Dog

    Literally could go on for days without leaving the Alternative/Grunge genre.

    And don't get me started on the Country albums I love from the '90s...

    In terms of music production, I'm not an expert, but all of these albums sound awesome to me (I'm listening to 320kbs MP3 converted from FLAC, generally speaking)
    I think those albums sound amazing, on vinyl.

    I should have called the thread 90s CD masters are unlistenable.
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