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  • Help Request 802.11g(n)

    Well.............. Anyone any suggestions???
    This thread needs some background or at least links or it is doomed for The Pit. Just some friendly advice.

    Wildcard is awesome.
    one of those kaiser tech thingys i supposeRolleyes
    it refers to wireless networking... but the op seems to be missing a few verbs and adjectives among other things. Dodgy

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    Ooops!! Sorry. looking for any suggestions on good reliable wifi amplification H/W to re-kindle my affair with Eircom Wink
    Built a cantena amplifier, and, although it worked to a point, i'd like to get me a real manufactured one that i can hang on satellite dish with pride.
    So everytime Eircom look out of their office windows, they can see that my wifi amplifier is also a symbol for me saying "Fuck You's, I'm Still Nicking Your WiFi".
    sounds like you want to get a wireless 'n' card:

    [Image: bad-image.png]

    remove the stock antenna and attach one of these:

    [Image: XN7ELuQ.jpg]

    then, if that is not enough, you can add an inline amplifier:

    [Image: bad-image.png]

    by attach, i mean, there are two ways to do it... mod the actual connections to the card... which i don't recommend unless you have experience with working with electronics in such a fashion. the other method uses the same amount of effort but is less technical as you just have to cut the cover off the stock antenna and then run some wires from the twisty antenna underneath to anywhere you like.

    essentially, what you can do is build your own antenna array anywhere you like and however you like just by using a long length of wire and a frame:

    [Image: DB8.jpg]

    i recommend you build one you can attach to your car so you can really escalate your wireless thievery to epic proportions Big Grin

    think: roof rack

    these also work fairly well... boom antennas are highly focusable:

    [Image: wifi_snooping.jpg]

    [Image: wifi_snooping_2.jpg]

    when i feel lazy... i usually just buy the gear:

    Hugedomains.com - Wifipredator.com
    Is For Sale (Wifi Predator)

    the inside of that little piece of tech-candy will look like this:

    [Image: bad-image.png]

    the outter shell will need to have a reflective inner surface for focusing the signals onto the antenna... the same way a dish would work... just tubular.

    the options are only really limited by your imagination.
    (This post was last modified: 06-28-2012, 03:51 PM by sporkium.)

    "Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.
    Now that's what i'm talking about stormy!! Wink

    I like the directional boom antenna. I'm probably 50ft max from the office block. I know they know i've been tapping their ass for some time because previously, if i downloaded e.g. 2GB overnight. Next day their network would be out of range (I'm assuming they moved the router).
    This cat n' mouse went on for some time. Then one weekend i downloaded approx 30-50GB of shit and when they opened their offices after that bank holiday weekend they must have had a fucking stroke!!!

    Since then (Approx. 3-4 weeks ago), i can't connect. I can "SEE" them, but can't establish the connection.

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