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  • Music 50 years ago today, Captain Beefheart released Trout Mask Replica
    @srijantje introduced me to Captain Beefheart through his beauteous avatar, generously animated by @SkinnyP back in the day.

    Today marks the fifty year mark since the release of Trout Mask Replica, the album that many feel defined the sound and won the ensemble a place in music history.

    [Image: HfFZ5Hq.jpg]

    If you're out of the loop, I'd give you the advice of giving the music a little time to win you over. Some of the tracks can be hard to appreciate at first, but many people recognize the genius therein.


    Here is a widely lauded tune that might make a good intro to Captain Beefheart (and His Magic Band):

    Captain Beefheart - Moonlight On Vermont

    @wildcard well said
    wildcard liked this post
    Thanks @srijantje

    Do you think I chose a good intro tune?

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