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    So, I need 3 fillings, and apparently they're quite small, so the dentist has said I don't need local anesthetic. Since these are my first fillings, does anyone if and how much it's going to hurt?

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    Wow, your teeth must be in good nick if you've never had fillings before. I've had one without anaesthetic, it only took a few minutes and didn't hurt in the slightest. Best of all, you don't end up with mongy mouth syndrome for hours afterwards. Big Grin
    Doctors are Minor Deities machined by medical schools to be robotic knowitalls who run on and write scripts. I think what your dentist told u is complete BS; if it involves implanting fillings, I can already hear your blood-curling screams all the way from here. Luckily, there is a whole array of shortcuts around an MD's ego. If you want to ensure that you will not feel too much pain, get some oral benzocaine solution (overpriced brand name: Oragel) and apply it right before you step into the dentists chair, and I mean EXACTLY before the minor deity with an oral fetish starts mutilating your mouth. If you find yourself in the position before they start, kindly ask to use the bathroom before the procedure, and, whilst secluded, coat your mouth with benzocaine soluition, swish it around for a minute to ensure adequate coverage, and then either swallow or spit it out (it doesn't really matter either way) and use a dash of mouthwash or sink water to get the smell off your gums. Benzocaine is an excellent OTC local oral anaesthetic with a duration of action ranging form 30 to 60 minutes, a duration of action which would be agreeable with the time needed for such a procedure.

    Another amazing analgesic is Kratom. If you are not experienced with kratom, I would suggest trying a moderate dose the day before your appt in order to get a better feel for it (I highly recommend against trying kratom for the first time in a dentist's office), and, once you've found a dose which works for you, take it right before you walk into the waiting room. Kratom takes 20-40 minutes to start working, and has an average duration of action (IME) of 2-6 hours. Red vein strains are better analgesic in general, but also carry with them a slightly larger sedative effect than other strains/varieties/genres of kratom. Depending on when your appt is, you can either a) get it from a headshop (OVERPRICED) or b) from a reputable online vendor. If you have more than a week before the appt I would suggest getting it online as that way it would be cheaper and of higher quality and potency; if you have less than a week, get some plain leaf (dont play with extracts) red veined kratom from a head shop; the quality and price is disgustingly worse than what one can easily find online, but if time is of the essence I would recommend this method of acquisition.

    If you're wondering why I recommend you pre-dose with kratom (and benzocaine, if possible) before your appt, it is because that kratom is a licit opiate-ergic drug with analgesic properties which are on par with weak opiates such as hydrocodone and tramadol. In terms of analgesic efficacy, It blows NSAIDs out of the water, and is the most powerful & effective OTC painkiller out there (unless, of course, you're fortunate enough to live in a country where codeine is OTC...). By using kratom, you would be able to better tolerate the pain of the proceedure; the benzocaine, by acting as a long-acting (at least in terms of its drug class...) local anesthetic, would block the painful sensations associated with the procedure.

    My proposed drug combination is similar in nature to the one used (PO oxycodone and IM lidocaine) by the PA who stitched-up a whopping 4 inch long, 7cm deep laceration on my leg, a drug combination which I found by this experience to be extremely effective at helping me cope with the pain of both the injury and the procedure. As such, kratom (an extremely safe opioid which doesn't induce respiratory depression) and benzocaine (an excellent local/oral anaesthetic) could be considered legal equivalents/substituents of the two aforementioned analgesics which helped me in my moment of need/pain. Although I am not an MD (but some day hope to be), I would recommend that you use my proposed drug regimen as a means of averting any pain this procedure may/will induce; no, these drugs will not come up positive on a standard urine screen because kratom's alkaloids are closer in structure to DMT than they are morphinians or fentanyl derivatives; benzocaine is OTC and stays in your system for a few days, so they would have no case against you even if, by the grace of all that sucks donkey dong, they decided to do a urine drug screen on you.

    I hope this advice helps you.

    Wishing you well,

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