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  • 1 year later and I'm back where i was.
    1 year ago and about... three weeks i was in the hospital for the first time in my life due to my Major Acute depression and suicide attempt and tendencies. I was a on medication for it and i was doing great. that is until today.

    Who would have thought one conversation with my mother would have caused me to end up right back where i was, deep in the shithole, trying to look for a reason to live. off all the people in the world, all the people who attack me and beat me up, all the people i hate with everything in me, it turned out to be the woman who gave me life and raised me that would send me back into that abyss.

    sadly you won't be hearing from me for the next two-four months as i am going to be checking myself into a hospital for neurological diseases and treatment. i feel like I'm no longer safe in the world and that i am a threat to my own life.

    And for those of you saying or thinking, "this kid just wants attention" no, i don't. i am an 18 year old who is just trying to make sure no one fucks up in their life and who wants to live but struggles to.

    Relationships are ropes. Love is a noose.
    Hang tuff kid and roll with it you'll make it. Life is bad for everyone at one time or another but it does get better and it is after all what we each make it.

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