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  • “Friends” lying
    First off, it's unfortunate that you'll probably never be back to read and or respond to this, but if you do come back  I just wanted to say thank you for this #epicthread! I sincerely mean that... I just have a few observations I need clarification with:

    (08-19-2018, 01:06 PM)brindle1dog1 Wrote:  live through Mississippi weather
    (08-19-2018, 07:37 PM)brindle1dog1 Wrote:  That is cool saying i am from Missisippi lol. Wow i guess the world is full of people that are full of assumptions.

    I think we assumed it because you told us you live there. Unless you really don't live in Mississippi. I wouldn't understand why you would say that. Mississippi is a place you DON'T want to admit to, even if you do live there. Even though I don't understand a lot in this thread,  I do know you don't have to completely understand artwork to appreciate its beauty.

    (08-19-2018, 07:37 PM)brindle1dog1 Wrote:  So the world is full of people that act like a friend and then stab you in the back and use you to the point that you get stressed out, get heart issues and almost die from people that are inconsiderate about you.
    So you’ all must have some messed up thinking if you think it is cool for aomeone to leave an animal woth you for a month straight and then you have medical issues that arise from that problem. So my point is everyone must be like that.
    They don't sound like friends at all... Maybe they were goofing with you to see how far you'd go before saying something. Maybe your medical conditions stemmed from sleeping on the FLOOR then getting up and cleaning the poop and pee from the bed in addition to the stress? I'm not so sure everyone is like that...

    (08-19-2018, 07:44 PM)brindle1dog1 Wrote:  you got me f-ed for assuming sexual shit with animal that is f-ing gross!
    So babying in my EYES is different then yours by a long shot. Pampering is the word you may understand. So how do animals survive in the heat before the creation of fans, air conditioning, etc.
    Rich people must use that term babying their animals. That is why i used that word so excuse my rich sound vocabulary when i should have said pampered.
    In Mississippi, not "babying" or "pampering" the animal is what got it taken away from you? You say you were neglected, but the poor thing climbs into bed for companionship, and you sleep on the floor? Maybe the animal wasn't dead, but dead to you after you broke its heart with your blatant neglect... If I was an animal, I wouldn't want anyone that didn't love me following me around while father and son enjoy family time by racing snowmobiles on the grass...

    Lastly, I guess it can snow in Mississippi, and it does get hot. But weren't there animals before the mid-late 1800's, when I see electricity became available in homes?   I was going to Google: how to farm animals survive in the heat and cold But I don't want Google to tell me to GFMS...

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