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    1. Posting child pornography, jailbait or snuff will result in an instant permaban.
    2. Posting pictures that contain nudity, gore or extremely violent images is only allowed in The Pit and requires that you use a properly labeled spoiler (NSFW - NUDITY, NSFW - GORE, etc.) Failing to do so will result in a warning or a ban depending on the severity of the incident.
    3. Don't SPAM the boards. If you want to advertise your site, forum or product, you may do it in The Pit where we are free to make fun of you.
    4. Post on topic. If you cannot add something to the topic then do not post (unless it is in The Pit.)
    5. This is an English language forum. Posting in other languages is not allowed, however users are allowed to use any language that they like in signatures, custom user titles and avatars.
    6. Trolling and/or Flaming outside The Pit should be done expertly or not at all.
    7. Puppet accounts are fine unless you are using a puppet account to evade a ban. In that instance your puppet account (and your main account) will be banned for double the original ban. Pushing it will get you permabanned.
    8. Privacy is very important for all of our users. Posting private messages publicly is forbidden, as is displaying IP addresses in posts- whether it is an image or text.
    9. Knowingly linking to malicious software whether in posts, signature, or otherwise will carry a harsh penalty. Be very careful which links you share.

    Due to the amount of SPAM we are currently receiving, it is forbidden for new users to post links until they have been around a while.

    And no one is allowed to post links in thread titles.

    Mostly just use your head as these are all common-sense rules. If you have any questions about the rules then you may make a new thread in the Site Issues forum, or if you feel that you have been warned or banned in error then you may make a thread in the Account Issues forum.

    Do not PM staff for support.

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