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Full Version: its so hard to make friends online and offline
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people see me as a troll as an as*hole , stupid austim boy.

a person who always wants attention, annoying, and online on discord or chats, people want me to stop talking

people ban me from chat becuase I ping or mention somoe. people don't talk to me in real life because im not a bada*s 

I am getting angry and frusted. I wish people would understand I wish i could hack back into the chats and online and give them msgs and and keep talking untill Im done, 

i have resorted to psychics and magic.

maybe I need somthing else
What in the actual fuck are you even talking about?
(08-08-2018, 05:19 AM)Wildcard Wrote: [ -> ]What in the actual fuck are you even talking about?

read again, or not depending on what you understand
Sorry, I wouldn't want you to get

(08-07-2018, 10:23 PM)daviderdem Wrote: [ -> ]angry and frusted.
forgive pl0x... simply european.
what are these fuckin * for anyway?got something to hide?
He is afraid he will get banned for cursing, I guess, @srijantje LMAO