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Full Version: Can someone tell me wtf this is?
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I have found 4 of these goddamn things in my utility drawer, I don't even fucking know where they came from. http://imgur.com/cQWTxV8
Can you take a picture with the big end facing the camera?
looks like a window microphone for an alarm system or something
http://imgur.com/LZHu4CT sorry, been busy, in and out of the hospital with my girlfriend the past few days. Anyway, ve tried plugging it into various devices, nothing seems to happen. they register that it is an audio device and tries to use it for output, but nothing happens. pointed it at a camera to while doing this to see if it was transmitting IR or anything, no such visibility.
I don't know wtf it is...even after looking at a different angle :S
it would register as a microphone due to the placement of the segments on the plug... but on second thought... it could be a remote infrared receiver. my reciever unit has a plug so i can route the ir sensor to the back... so i can put the receiver is in a cabinet and still use the remote. is that little bump on the end shiny? and if you shine a light on it, does it appear to be transparent... perhaps a deep red or something? if so... it probably plugs into a device that allows the usage of a remote sensor.