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Full Version: BuzzFeed Video: "Australians See Snow For The 'first' Time"!
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Wes geo hal,

A while ago I disliked BuzzFeed for their stupid, stereotypical videos.

However, this got me so fired up, I genuinely believe most, if not some, videos are deliberately fake.

As an Australian, more as a New South Welshman, this video could not make me go more mad as hell.

By the title, "Australian See Snow For The First Time", it shows three Australians, visiting snow, presumably somewhere in North America, where there is snow, they all react surprisingly for seeing snow for the first time.

This is ridiculous by suggesting all Australians have not seen snow. It snows regularly in alot of places in Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania. Several key high places like the Snowy Mountains, Mount Kosciusko (highest mountain), Australian Alps, Mount Ossa, et cetera.

One of them says, "I do not even own pants". I wear pants during 60% of the year!

.......however, this bit got me mad. They displayed where they were from, one from Sydney and another from Central Coast, all places in New South Wales where it does not snow at much; although, they must not travel around Australia a lot. However, one was from HOBART! Tasmania! Of all places in Australia, Tasmania is the most likely; Mount Ossa (second highest) and other mountains in Tasmania has snow all the time during winter. Mount Wellington, 5 kilometres west of Hobart has snow on it during the winter. He must be a hermit to travel around the rest of Tasmania to see snow; the mountains in Tasmania are state attractions. Even on a very cold day during winter to look out the window and see snow fall on Mount Wellington is absurd.

Also, the same person said he is a 'surfer' and has done nothing but surfed his whole life. What is it with people thinking we Australians are all surfers. However, for him to be a surfer down in Hobart.....

Please reply if you agree or at least understand me... this got me really mad.

Wes geo hal,
bullshit. it's a well known fact that australians do not wear pants and to even suggest otherwise is total dingo crap.
does this fall under fake news?
(01-05-2017, 08:33 AM)sporkium Wrote: [ -> ]bullshit. it's a well known fact that australians do not wear pants and to even suggest otherwise is total dingo crap.

Firstly, you do not live here; secondly, I wear pants 50% of the year, so your statement has been destroyed already, and I see all of my friends wearing pants as well in the winter. Do not believe in stereotypes instead actually experience and witness things yourself. I have the full upper knowledge, because I am Australian and you are not, presuming since your location on your profile.

It does snow in Australia.
[Image: nfkyzo.jpg]
(01-26-2017, 01:18 AM)LieutenantIvan Wrote: [ -> ]...

lies. absolute australian propagandist lies. australians do not wear pants. in fact, they don't wear underwear either. so no... YOUR lies have been destroyed. I just googled australians and not one of them was wearing pants. so shame on you for your lying australian bullshittery.
Your evidence is solely pictures on internet, while mine is my actual true experiencing. Explain how I am wearing long pants (and underwear) now as I type this?

You are probably some troll trolling around with thy Norse sarcasm
you've experienced nothing. how do we know you aren't some russian hacker bot that's just pretending to be australian? hmmm? maybe you are trying to convince the world that australians wear pants just so you can influence their government?
Australians can't play the part of any characters at the Disney theme parks because the sight of thier emasculated testicles frighten the children. #theydontwearpants
no,no,it's only australian women that don't wear pants......at least the once I've associated with
i heard that their penises whistle if they run round naked.
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