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Full Version: [split] Worst restaurant and takeout experiences
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Building on my questionable love of witnessing bad restaurant and food preparation practices I was wondering if we could have a stickied thread on here dedicated to sharing our bad experiences? I'm not suggesting we name and shame anybody, but we can certainly get some cheap entertainment value out of our misfortune when ordering in or dining out. What do you guys think?
yeah,yeah,just get ranting will ye?
i'm inclined to say no since all threads regardless of popularity or position listed (excluding posts from the pit) all show up on google.

a sticky will only make it more available to rc members and rc visitors... but so long as it remains popular, it will be visible all the same... and given the importance of the thread, it's not really worth a sticky.

but, who knows...
No problem sporkium, it was just a suggestion. I'm just that type of guy, never short of ideas.