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Full Version: Puzzles.
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In this thread you can post puzzles of various sorts.
Numbers / Word / Logic / Riddles etc

Allow enough time for as many posters to solve the puzzle.

Once solved, anyone else can post a new puzzle (not necessarily the one who solved it).

The puzzle-poster of the puzzle must know the answer to the puzzle.
To allow for multiple wins, puzzle-poster can acknowledge the correct answer in his "closing post".

Try to keep puzzles, moderately simple yet challenging.
Phrase the puzzle suitably to avoid any ambiguity.

That's all the rules I can think of.

Let the Games begin.

What do the following words have in common ?
they are all in the op?

they are sequential in their increasing number of characters?

they are all english words?

they all contain at least three letters?

they all belong in the pit after the game is finished?? Big Grin

that is... unless op wants this thread to contain multiple games...
Everything but the "right" answer. Smile

Come on. We need some "intelligence"/variation outside the Pit :-)

Will time-out and post answer in 1 hour. Think "inside the box" to misquote.
each one has 1 more letter then the one before
uh,except the first
you can make new words by adding one letter.
All the words are spelled using the Roman alphabet.
Almost one hour. I'll have to hand it sporkium, for I think he knows the answer.
Like most my initial guess too was each has one more letter than the other.

The "right" answer is, each of the words becomes a new word, when the letter 'e' is placed after the first letter. Ah !
+1 to VF for creativity. ;-)
i'll leave this open in case anyone has a puzzle...
What word can you take the first, middle or last letter from and still the word sounds the same?
I knew this one, but admit I ggled the answer.
Ans: "empty" ?
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