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Full Version: Say 'Hello' in this thread
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Hi Smile I'm Mark (duh) and I'm the site administrator. I'm an American and a guitarist/singer/songwriter who loves to chat and act ridiculous. Tell everyone who you are in this thread if you're new to the site.
hi i'm billy i'm an alien and Presbyterian choir molester who loves to make pearl necklaces. i'll put a link in the pig pen for you mark. though i may not be able to post much, make sure you pm or email addy should you need any help. Wink
Ladies and gentleman . . . Billy! Big Grin Thanks for dropping by, boss. Everybody be sure to check out The Pig Pen Poetry Forum, a great place to hang out and sharpen your poetry skills. (I am the forum idiot moderator there) Smile
Hello everyone! I'm Aish, Mark's partner in crime. It's up to each of you to figure the rest out Smile
Aish is co-administrator of the forum. If that doesn't scare you . . . :p
Bwuhahahhahaaa :p
why didn't i know about this site before?i'm days late,rant,rant

hello there ,here's the brightest mind on the net,I can't even figure out how to join the pit,help,urgent
Ha ha! Welcome SJ!

Ladies and gentlemen: Srijantje!!! The sickest of the sick.

SJ don't give me that I don't know how business :p
Hi I'm Mark's puppet account that he used to discover that it was impossible to join The Pit Fighters group because he didn't allow it in Admin CP Big Grin

It's fixed now Blush
who's the idiot now?Heart