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#rantcentral IRC Quotes
<+Baxter> Waiter, my soup's got a gay in it.
<@s_vague> lol
<@s_vague> I'd complain too Baxter
12<03+15Baxter12> my scrotum is itchy, is that normal?
03<12@03s_vague> sure Baxter
13»06»6 @s_vague gives baxter a ball scratch
12<03+15Baxter12> do not want
03<12@03s_vague> fuck you Baxter
12<03+15Baxter12> eh fuck you buddy
03<12@03s_vague> witty
03<12@03s_vague> fuck off Baxter
12-05Notice12- 05{13from Baxter05} If you want me to shut up, tell me to shut up|be quiet|go away in a channel.
12<03+15Baxter12> you fuck off and "smell" my socks!
03<12@03s_vague> shut up Baxter
03<12@03s_vague> you don't even have toes
13»06»6 +Baxter goes to find someone more interesting to talk to
03<12@03s_vague> good luck
<@s_vague> bots do you like sidbizkit?
<+Baxter> Nada.
<+Muffy> No.
<+sidbizkit> make me naked and watch me
<@s_vague> haha
<@s_vague> bots++
<+Baxter> Ta
<+Muffy> <canadian>Yeah, I am perfect!</canadian>

lol @velvetfog LMAO
Canadians aren't really perfect.
They just appear that way when you compare them to the Americans.
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
- Robert A. Heinlein

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