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rant about these people on reddit
ok so here I go.

idk why? i think its because they assume too much and are evil enemies and they hate me.
I don't understand how I am a clown or troll? I am not one?
half or almost all the psychics are hators and fakers and liars and pretend so they can give hate peeach, just like in the medieval days
how they accused people of being crazy and witches and burning them up. and today people are doing the same!
really? the mods are corrupt and the people. psychics are gonna fail and fall because such people.
no doctor and no one in my area in New Zealand will help me unless I give money.
my family is poor.
and I have no job or money.

I am super angry i know I should not be but those are some idiots a*sholes jack*sses 


Angry Angry The Finger
which peeple on reddit
(08-08-2018, 05:22 AM)geezer Wrote: which peeple on reddit

the ones on the psychic reddit I can give link if you llike

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