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Fecking love it COD is class
I just got a taste of Modern Warfare 3 when my friend brought it by. We played online and it was really good. Basically the same controls as COD and BlackOps
Wildcard is awesome.
can't wait to get it,i'll buy it for my son for Xmas ( Eh!!! not really he thinks it's gonna be his Big Grin )
I thought about modding my Xbox so I could play burned games but I'm afriad I'll screw it up.
Wildcard is awesome.
your better of getting someone that knows how
Yeah plus from what I hear you can't get online after you mod. I was thinking about buying another Xbox(cause they have the newer, better built ones) anyway. If I do, I might try to mod my old one.
Wildcard is awesome.
ouch didn't know that at all
Here's a good start:

Tell me if it works.

If you like a PDF manual, just PM me.
Thanks. Robert. Do you know if that is true about getting on-line after you mod?
Wildcard is awesome.
It is true. You won't be able to go online if you modded your XBOX/Playstation, though the misconception is that all you need is an original game. Even if you have an original game, you would still not be able to go onilne if your system is modded.

Having said that, it's not going to stop me from using a mod anyways. This is because I don't care for playing immature people when online. comes to mind. Sad

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