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Why can't you just leave???
05-02-2017, 03:01 AM
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Why can't you just leave???

So I have a friend who I love dearly but always (for lack of a better word please forgive my language) bitches about the same person. Now this has been going of for the entire duration of our entire friendship (which is a little over a year) and as much as I love her I'm quite frankly tired of hearing it over and over and over.
Now I realize that I am inclined to let things go on for a good while before I make an effort to say anything because I usually forget about things quickly and forgive very easily. But this is something that has been eating away at me for a good three weeks. First let me explain the person that my friend talks about so often and we'll call her GD.
GD admittedly is very overwhelming. She goes out of her way to let you know just how bad she feels all the time. There has never once been a conversation where she has not mentioned that she was depressed, suicidal, suffering from anxiety, and subtly leading you to the conclusion that she harms herself. Now I do admit to being an immense attention whore before I underwent a serious personality reconstruction that I forced on myself. So while I can't say for sure whether or not that Jane is actually going through any of this I definitely see a lot of my old traits in her such as being loose lipped when it comes to talking about depression, being very compliant in showing people self harm marks, or telling everyone about how sad and depressed she feels. Now I hate my past self with my entire being (that part of my life is about 20,000,000% regret) so naturally when I find someone who acts in the same way some of those emotions transfer to them. So I completely understand why my friend (who we'll call EM) would have so much resentment towards GD.
What I don't understand is why she can't leave the God forsaken mess of a friendship. Can you even call it a friendship when the two people appear to completely hate each other yet proceed to act like their best friends when they're around each other?
EM I know is going through some challenges herself. But if you dislike the person then don't be their friend because it's just ridiculous and your hurting yourself. I don't know if she realizes it but she stresses everyone around her out when she talks about GD, please for the love of God grow up and separate yourself from this toxic leech in your life or shut up about it and deal with it because there is literally no one but you stopping you from leaving that friendship. I get that they've been friends for a long time but you aren't the only one affected by your relationship. It's almost like she's addicted to hate and thus enjoys sticking around GD. It is so tiring to hear EM talk about GD because at this point it's just selfish to stress everyone out just because she can't drop the toxicity in her life. To put it more bluntly either grow up or shut up.
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