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When did you start to pirate?
For me, I would say since I learned how to operate a VCR machine. My dad would teach me how to record stuff from Laserdiscs to VHS. That time, I don't think Laserdiscs would have copy protection. Then I started recording from TVs. I would record Super Mario Bros., Ninja Turtles, and WWF Superstars (now WWE). It was a lot of fun; fun because it's easy.

But I would say that the point that I really know what I was doing was when I had a computer. I copy games onto 3.5 inch floppies from games like Raptor: Call of the Shadows. Then I moved to CDs and copied entire software, from Microsoft, Adobe, Symantec, and Corel. Then it's DVDs with movies and shows.

But now, I don't really pirate that much besides Windows 7. I installed Linux Mint 9 and I use it often. Whenever possible, I use free and open source software as I believe that if there's something that can counter piracy, it's those programs. I still pirate, but I also use GPL software whenever I can.

What about you?
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copying audio tapes, i think.
I don't know if you consider it piracy, but I started with satellite TV. My Dad and his friends used to flash the programming of satellite boxes so that we could get every channel available for free. Like Robert, I used to copy movies and porn from the satellite to VHS tapes. After that it was Napster, Limewire and such. I didn't discover torrenting until it was well established mainly because I spent the first few years out of my parents house without Internet access.

Now days I download movie and music mostly, but occasionally software as well. I generally only upload music, but on rare occasions I share movies that aren't available widely.
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in the 60's on tape decks i suppose,you know,those dubble decks you could copy on,then after that a long time nothing until i discovered the computer about 5years ago,it connected me back to culture in a big way,i discovered torrenting right away,i download music[before not available where i live]mostly rare movies and software when i need it
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of small minds[
Yeah I forgot about copying tapes . . . I used to have four huge tape boxes in my car Big Grin
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How durable are flashed satellite chips? I had the "black box," and that lasted three years for giving free PPV/foreign TV channels (i.e. we still had to pay for basic cable/semi-premium package). Interesting enough though, it still gave my TV/VCR the ability to record TV programmes.

So how long were you able to watch your free TV using flashed satellite chips?
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In the old days it was a matter of flashing the ROM of independently manufactured Satelitte descrambler boxes, but more recently I got about 3.5 years of free Dish Network by using a Pansat decoder box. Using a simple serial port connection. It was really simple: just visit a certain website that contained the flash and the copy it to the satellite box and presto- every Dish Network channel available for free(including porn, PPV and out of state[blackout] sports). But recent changeover to MPEG-4 encryption caused my Pansat box to stop functioning. I've not found a viable alternative yet.

But there are other options, one if which is purchasing a card burner. It is capable of writing the package info to the card but it requires you to disconnect the phone line permanently and if you ever try to order a movie that isn't available it ruins everything for good. It also requires a paid subscription to satellite TV (usually the minimum package)
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But now it's useless compared to torrenting, right?
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That's my opinion. Movies, TV, games, software . . . stealing satellite can't compare to the ease of torrenting. I have over 200 movies I haven't even seen. Not to mention TV shows and porn . . .
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I started with limewire,man what a pain,then went onto TPB and found out there were private sites also lol

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