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Whats your favourite food?
A fav or mine is Pastosa Ravioli ( covered in my homemade sauce served with steamed broccoli and garlic bread. A nice spritzer consisting of cran-raspberry juice helps it go down nicely. When possible, dessert comes via De Robertis Pasticceria Caffe (
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Steak. Big juicy steak. With crinkle chips.

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I like more vegetarian foods in my routine diet because these foods give me real taste of the natural foods.
My favorite foods include vegetables fried rice, fruits and vegetables mixed salad without cream, fresh fruits juices and smoothies, and pasta.
Salmon. Salmon with a honey glaze with rice is my absolute favorite. Ya, I usually end up eating the frozen stuff you buy at the supermarket. But every once in a while when the wife makes it fresh it's outstanding.
I like more raw and natural foods that's why my most of diet contains raw fruits and vegetables.
Some of my favorite foods are:
Fruits and vegetables salad.
Fresh orange juice,
Vegetables fried rice,
and Fried salmon.
Hey guys well i like spicy and traditional foods also fresh salads,fast food etc..
I saw food and I just have to stop by to add to this - STEAK. I'm sure someone already mentioned this.

The details:
Thick sirloin cut, medium rare. No sauce, just salt & pepper to taste.
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