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    Unemployed and can't land a job
    I have been wondering for a long time whether or not I am able to keep living in a world where I can't seem to land a decent job. I have put myself through many things over the years to try and make myself a reasonable, qualified worker: I have over 10+ years of work experience, went to accredited business schools and earned valuable degrees, and even started joining networking groups to meet new people from different backgrounds. I am not an industry-centric person so I can pretty much work for any company as long as it is enough to financially support myself. I am also someone who is willing to go through constant training to learn more about a specific job or field(which recently I did by going back to school again and get a certification in Digital Marketing). They say it's who you know that can help you get a job these days, but, unfortunately, nobody that I know has helped me to actually land a job yet. People have told me that I should go and start my own little project/business and just do something myself, but the reality is that you need the finances to properly do that. I can't afford to be an entrepreneur at the moment. I have also tried seeing a career coach which helped for a bit but they cost money as well and they've been mostly advising me on stuff that I've already been doing. So now it's been almost 8 months since I've been let go from my last job. My unemployment funds are almost dried up and soon I will be dipping into my own savings(which is not much). 

    I just had an office interview the other day that went pretty well. The folks that I was interviewed by seemed to get along with me. I even got as far as reference check calls right after the interview. And here is where I think I might not be getting a job offer from this place: my reference from my last job. When they let me go, they simply just said that it was no longer a good fit for me. They made me sign a termination form with a simple 2-word description explaining the reason for termination: job performance. That could mean many things! I even asked them if they could explain to me specifically what it was. You know, provide me some valuable feedback so that I can work on it for the future. The supervisor didn't give me any specifics whatsoever. The only thing that my manager mentioned to me was, " I think you have a lot of potential, and I think you should work on your critical thinking skills a bit". The critical thinking criticism is pretty debatable, but I won't get into that since this rant is already going on too long.

    Bottom line: I can't find a job and I don't think that I have a good reference from my last employer. 

    Has anyone here had to deal with an unreliable reference from one of their employers. If so, how did you deal with it?

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