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Ice cream run on a hot day a work. Sounds delightful, yeah?  I want coffee ice cream. Hard serve.  Yum. Childhood fave, right next to Maple Walnut. 

Jamaican coworker tells me that my pallet is limited and I need to be more adventurous. I need to expand my food culture. I need to try rum raisin.  

Fuck you lady.  Coffee ice cream is part of my (gasp!) white American  culture. I love it. I've tried other flavors.  I hated them. I'm 40 and don't want to fix what ain't broken.  I'll try new things in new places. But on a hot day when I want something to appease the heat, I don't want to fuss with new shit.   Give me comfort.  Sorry if that isn't multicultural enough for you. It's my culture.  Sorry not sorry it's a white one.   

Am I being unreasonable?  Genuinely, is my internal reaction overwrought?  Hypersensitive?  She really argued with me (politely) and objected to my flavor choice.  But she wouldn't let it drop. 

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