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Tutorial Spoilers
Sometimes you'd like to give the other members a lot of information but don't want to clutter the thread up with it. Spoilers allow you to give users an option to view the content or not. To place your text or images in a spoiler just enclose it in spoiler tags like this:

[spoiler]spoilered text[/spoiler]

which will produce:

spoilered text
You can also choose a new title for your spoiler to let people know what's behind that click:

[spoiler=Yak fodder]SJ loves him some yak shit[/spoiler]

which will produce:

SJ loves him some yak shit
To automate the process you can use the [Image: spoiler.gif] button in the New Reply window.

And that's all there is to it. Occasions that call for a spoiler include:

  1. Long source articles
  2. Picture galleries
  3. Any nude images (The Pit only)

    Any nudity or images of violence/gore must be spoilered and clearly labeled:

    NFSW: Gore
    Or by using the custom title option:


Wildcard is awesome.

The spoilers have been upgraded. New features include:
  • Nesting
  • Quotes don't break the spoiler
  • They are cooler Dodgy

So you can have a spoiler:

And then some text

A some text and a pic

[Image: avatar_1.gif?dateline=1337523180]
Titles are now accepted in the following three manners:


Wildcard is awesome.

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