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Tutorial Bugging On A budget!
In the not too distant past i was forced to use unortherdox (And old) methods to obtain info for reasons which i'll leave un-said.

for the purposes of this Tut, the mobile/cell will be called "donor" to avoid confusion. As soon as i get my audio/video sorted i'll post a video tut on this.


Here's an easy way to "bug" a venue/person/people with minimal expense and expertise Big Grin

A. Buy a cheap "donor" phone (or use an old one, preferably a pay-as-you-go/disposable one).

B. Always use a"pay as you go" chip that has never been used and is not registered to anyone Wink

C. Go into the (donor's) settings and change the answering option to "automatic".

D. Turn off the (donors) ring tone, screen light and vibration alert.

E. Plug a "hands-free" head set into the (donor).

(make sure to wrap the head-set around the mobile leaving the "mic" on the back of the mobile so it can be layed screen down on a surface and the "mic" is free to pick up audio).

F. Leave the (donor) in the enviroment you want to "bug". Make sure it's well concealed, screen down and has the "mic" pointing in the direction of where you want to record (Ideally, place the (donor) away from any electric/electronic equipment to avoid interferance)

G. Now when you want to eavesdrop, just ring the number of the (donor) and it will auto-answer Smile

This method can also be adapted to include video if you (donor) has that facility on it. It just takes a little bit of patience and research on the (donor) features.

But that's a whole other Tut.. Wink


Big GrinCoolBig Grin
My Torrents Are HERE And HERE Big GrinYay
What can i say???

I needed the info and had to be very sneaky in my methods Smile

The end justified the means!!
(Just have to look at my daughters smile to validate that) Smile
My Torrents Are HERE And HERE Big GrinYay
Nice tut. I learned a lot of this on Burn Notice Big Grin
Wildcard is awesome.
It's old news but when my eldest (who is very Tec Savvy) asked me how i got the audio, she was amazed Smile

A case of "can't see the woods from the trees."
She now understands when i say to her "the old ways are old ways for a reason, they work" Smile

But she still thinks i'm "old" because i insist on writing things down as well as saving them to HD Smile
My Torrents Are HERE And HERE Big GrinYay
Kaiser, you have a nefarious streak that is admirable. What else do you know how to do?

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