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The Walking Dead Thread
I started watching AMC's, The Walking Dead when the series was already in its third season, so I had the luxury of watching two seasons over a week or ten days. It gripped me completely for those two seasons. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next-- or more importantly, who would die next.

Then I quickly caught up with the show and watch it weekly like the rest of the world. Season 3 was meh; season 4 was fairly fucking gay; season 5 got weirder and now season 6 is becoming more and more meaningless. Well, to me anyway.

Everything that is happening now has happened before-- over and over again. The premise is always the same: they find a place to weather the invasion and then something goes wrong.

[Image: 4UdE2wWe_400x400.jpg]

Do you watch TWD? What do you think of it?
I watch TWD. I didn't start watching til season 5. I agree with you on the first two seasons being bad arse. I almost lost interest in S3. It was because it was bland and thats where I started to see the show was going to start repeating itself, nothing new was happening. It seemed to pick up a lil steam in S4 with more action and that made it better for me. Season 5 did get weird, but I still kept watching because I liked the first 2 seasons and was hoping for moar of the intense drama. S6 has been much of the same as S5. It would be nice to see a change in direction of the show or time for it to come to a end maybe. Either way the zombies are bad arse and I would like to have one as a pet.Cool
Update: Fuck TWD I stopped watching after I saw the premier of Season 6

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