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The Bluegrass Thread
turn me on to some good bluegrass
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
This what you mean??

Steve Martin & Earl Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Breakdown

I love a little BlueGrass but i fucking hate Steve Martin with a passion. The most un-funny comedian on the planet.
My Torrents Are HERE And HERE Big GrinYay
I know less than nothing about Bluegrass music until this thread so I went by recommendation.

As far as Steve Martin is concerned he is a useless dick and I agree not funny

Put some good Bluegrass up someone so I can appreciate what it’s all about
Q - Mark?? Wink
My Torrents Are HERE And HERE Big GrinYay
and some names or torrents,where are you,rednecking?
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
Okay sorry! You know I do have work to do from time to time :p

For a good assembly of Country and Bluegrass artists try CanadaJoe's torrent:


You guys know I have a good little Tony Rice collection: My Torrents, but also check of CanadaJoe's torrents


Bela Fleck is probably the greatest banjo player that ever played- alive or dead. And for me to say this considering Earl Scruggs passed away only a few weeks ago says a lot. Earl Scruggs may have invented it but Bela certainly perfected and mastered it.


Doc Watson is for me the quintessential acoustic guitar flatpicker. Born blind, Doc is a sweet-natured guy the a perfect touch and wonderful tone. Forgive his corniness. Smile


And no discussion of bluegrass would be complete without mentioning Flatt & Scruggs.

Lester Flatt may sound ridiculous by today's standards, but his crooning, country voice made Flatt & Scruggs Top 40 favorites and icons of radio and television in the fifties. This album, recorded in their heyday has always been a favorite of my Dad and I.

Wildcard is awesome.
thanks a lot Mark,going to download that stuff,my knowledge of bluegrass didn't get past the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Ozark Mountain daredevils
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
Downloaded Bela Fleck super quick

Playing nowBig Grin while posting tis goodBig Grin
bela fleck is the man
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[

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