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    Tech Discussion: Nintendo: Irrelevant?
    Nintendo essentially seems to be recycling its games over and over again. When Super Mario Bros. came out, it was stellar. Smash 64 was a ruckus, and so was Mario 64. When Pokemon was a new thing, the uniqueness of it and the surprising darkness of the storyline was alluring. But then Ninttendo goes and make spointless iterations of the same games with little substance to offer, just another version of their kart game, their brawl game, their Bros. game, a new handheld mario RPG, a new Pokemon game with new pokemons that have no strategetic point for existing. I've kind of sidled over to playstation.
    Looks like Nintendo isn't going down without a fight:

    Nintendo will never be irrelevant in my heart, and in the hearts of millions... It's the warm feelings of yesteryear that will keep it fresh. As far as a relevant gaming system? Eh, don't know...but they always pull something out of their asses...

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