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Tech Discussion HughesNet Satellite Internet
It's one of the most bullshit Internet providers out there. They claim broadband and deliver something more like double the speed of dial-up on average. The company bills you for each megabyte and most plans are around 250MB per day. So goodbye to watching a lot of YouTube videos and downloading. You are allowed 'unlimited' downloads at night (1am to 6am) but the speeds never exceed 150kbps so it isn't like you're cleaning up.

The biggest problem is that they have a monopoly because there is no competition in many rural areas across America. As WiFi hotspots become more common from cell phone providers people will have something else to turn to, but these too are expensive alternatives. Satellite internet costs about $80/€60 per month in some areas. Unlimited WiFi hotspot from the only carrier offering currently offering, Verizon would cost $200/€150.
Wildcard is awesome.
pfff,that's a lot,typical monopoly prices,shouldn't be allowed
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[

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