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TPB Torrent Tags
A New Toy

Anything that makes sharing easier and more convenient is a good thing in my opinion. That's why I wanted to make a way to share torrents easier on this site.

With the new torrent tags you can insert a tag into your post with info on a torrent as well as torrent page/download/magnet links . . . and thanks to sporkium it looks great Smile

How To Use Them

In the New Reply window, just click the [Image: tpb.gif] button and then paste the torrent URL or 7-digit ID # into the textbox and click OK.

Note: The URL can be the long version (with description), the short version or just the torrent ID number as shown below:







Give it a try and tell us what you think Smile
Wildcard is awesome.

Wink neat.
"Yeah. I understand the mechanics of it, shithead. I just don't understand how this is any less retarded than what I'm suggesting." - Kiley; Housebound.

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