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  • Help Request: Successful Work-Around in uTorrent.
    Hi all,

    Just saw this post on SB and thought it was worth a mention here.
    All credit for the work-around goes to ThAnn. The OP.

    Quote:I just got BANNED from the utorrent forums for presenting a workaround for a problem in uTorrent. It only works because uTorrent is broken as shit.


    Click the magnet link and when the file preview comes up blank make sure that "Start Download" is CHECKED

    Hit "OK" to start the download and as soon as you see the torrent pop up on the list of torrents right click it and select "Force Start".

    It will download the .torrent file, display the list of files under the "Files" tab, and then AUTOMATICALLY STOP THE TORRENT

    At that point you can select the files tab and choose from there, before the torrent is started.


    This only works I assume because uTorrent is broken, and hence the reason they banned me.

    ^^^ This is an example of how to do it WRONG. As you can see, the files start downloading BEFORE he got the chance to deselect anything. Force Start is the difference for me, and hopefully for you too.


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