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[Solved] Help finding firmware
I got an older Konica Minolta z3 camera. When it was released there were several issues that were later resolved by a firmware upgrade. I am searching for firmware v.1.03 or newer. I found the link to the upgrade, but it now 404'ed.
Any ideas where I might find this firmware archived?
[Image: 22fa405b61.gif]
Wildcard is awesome.
Right on, thanks a ton. Upgrading now.
[Image: 22fa405b61.gif]
I'm assuming you saw the PDF that explains the upgrade process on Minolta's site. Good luck auen1 Smile
Wildcard is awesome.
Ya, found the PDF, and downloaded the camera manual too. See if I can figure out the upgrade install instructions, lol.
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nice site plenty of stuff there for my computer forum TongueTongue
Problem Solved/Thread Closed/admin
Wildcard is awesome.

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