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    So there are these guys on a "nice" forum
    So there is this forum that is for an app/game.  This forum is moderated by people who watch for bad stuff like a hawk, and you can't really say much there.  SO I found this and decided to try vent here.

    So in the forum there are these piece of shit asshole. They are German.  Most all German people I have met have been fun, great people, that fact that they are assholes is not directly related to the fact that they are German.

    Lets call these pricks  ShitZE, FunBitche, and Krystian the Cunt.  These are the main characters in this story.  The supporting cast are know as Jaco-off, Olickyernuts8888, and lets not forget jcuntzeroballs.  (although accurate in description, the names have been changed to protect... ahh what am I saying  These fuck-tards deserved different names)

    This is the story of a bunch of bullys who hide behind a computer and being in a different country and treat other people like shit.  Now, the list of people who would like to tell these douche bags how they feel is longer than the dick this crew share in the glory hole of the local train station bathroom.  However, the forum rules won't allow it.

    The story begins with a guy who, albeit arrogant, is also in this forum and is the object of this gang of bully's affection.  Let's call him Rich Fucker.  Rich fucker spends a lot of money on the app and it is talked about in the forum.  However, Rich Fucker often spends his money helping others in this app.  He is a disruptive in this fashion, but there really isn't any rules against it. I am sure the APP Devs (and forum hosts) love the insane amounts of money that Rich spends.

    So ShitZe and his band of idiot vigilantes decide that they will band together and crush Rich Fucker.  So they form a possie of pussys and set out to take on this task.  Understand that this group of ball sack jugglers don't even play the same game as Rich Fucker, because as I said earlier they are all in Germany and Rich Fucker appears to be in the U.S.  So they go after Rich on the forum.. some to the point of even being banned from it.   They bash away with their limited whit and lame ass insults.  Anyone who attempts to stand up for Rich is immediately caught in the line of fire.  These relentless pricks just keep on and on and on.  The filthy fuck sticks even follow the guy to another forum and continue the moron rampage. 

    The sad part is, most of these cock pockets don't even have the balls to step up and speak. They just hit the "like" button on the posts of these coward weaklings to show their undying support.  It most be tough to walk with all those guy hanging on your nut sack ShitZe.

    So while this group of circle jerking cum catchers attack other people on this forum, it seems that moderating them falls short.  They get away with it.  Not sure if it is the forum moderators or the company that runs the shit show that lets this child like behavior go. Either way, they get away with it. 

    I think the company thinks that Rich Fucker was using money to "bully" so they think it is ok for ShitZe and Krystian the Cunt to lead their band of nut cheese eating poop shoot pirates to teach him a lesson.  Either way it is sickening.

    So now, this FunBitche and ShitZe, followed by Krystian the Cunt and JcuntZeroBalls and a few lackeys have purchased VPN service in order to play in the US region.  What I find funny about that is that they are now doing what Rich Fucker was doing to start the whole thing.

    And that is where we leave the first chapter of "Elitist Pricks try to to take over the App world"

    Join us next week ans we delve into the long term consequences of ShitZE's lack of being breast fed as a child causing his anger issues.   Also, stay tuned for the surprising origins of Funbitches code name and how it directly affected the code name of Krystian the Cunt (warning: sexual content, NSFW)  And finally, learn how JcuntZeroBalls finally learns to speak for himself and breaks off the teet of ShitZe to venture out with independent thinking.

    Be sure to tune in.
    (This post was last modified: 07-01-2018, 03:18 PM by Stakes. Edit Reason: name wrong )

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