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    Savage Continent
    @radiobox This was what I meant. All books, ebooks are here, and I encourage you to read Savage Continent if you haven't already. Most readers nowadays would think "whatever"thinking that it doesn't apply to them somehow... they don't consider the times when Europe was rebuilding the pain and strife they went through...No doctors, no police, yet they were still able to rebuild to a state strong enough to allow someone now a days to not care/miss a wink shows the awesome character (still doesn't do it justice) of the European people. I've still yet to finish the book myself.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have!
    (This post was last modified: 04-17-2014, 10:08 PM by LZA.)
    LZA, I will surely give it a try. I do not think I've read a WWI/WWII book after my History lessons in school.
    I bought a book titled 'A Woman in Berlin' on a recommendation. Supposed to be good. Its also a movie. Will proly try that too.
    Edit: Removed rest of post. Will post that elsewhere. :-p
    (This post was last modified: 04-19-2014, 01:45 AM by radiobox.)

    Progress might have been all right once, but it has gone on too long -- Ogden Nash

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