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I'm all about Maldon. I know it's only salt but I like to be pretentious about shit sometimes.
fuck,is that spam or wot?
consistency is the hobdob
of small minds[
No, it's salt... Spam is also quite salty though.
Salt may actually not be bad for you:

A low sodium diet could be just as bad as a high sodium diet:

My opinion? Evolution has designed a tongue that craves foods which are necessary for survival, and abhors foods that may kill us. Sweetness evolved for our bodies' need for glucose. Sourness evolved for our bodies' need for various acids; like amino acids, citric acids, etc. Saltiness evolved for our bodies' need for sodium, potassium, etc. Umami evolved for our bodies' need for protein, which is in foods that also contain glutamate. You may notice that I left out bitterness, that taste evolved to prevent us from ingesting various poisons.
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I rarely use salt and when I do I use sea salt.
I never cook with salt, allowing the eater to salt to taste ... except when making porridge (awful tasting stuff without salt).
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