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Red Card or not!!
This is a terrible decision

Why,cause rooney is crying again

Wayne Rooney defends himself in row over Vincent Kompany red card..

Wayne Rooney has defended himself after being accused of helping to get Vincent Kompany sent off in Manchester City's 3-2 FA Cup defeat by Manchester United.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson added that it was a "natural reaction" when Rooney waved an imaginary card before referee Chris Foy showed one. ( KP : I thought that shit was banned,players waving a pretending red card,rooney should have been sent of )

On Twitter, Rooney wrote: "Funny how people think I got Kompany sent off. ..

As a Man- U supporter. the red card was justified Smile
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red card not justified,rooney should have got yellow for what he did
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exactly that is cheating

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