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    Rant: Xmas Eve thinking....
    Hi guys,
    So I'm layed here in bed on Christmas Eve night just thinking and I'm now at the point where I need to rant and I have nobody to rant to so here I am... This is tonna be weird too ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    So basically im just thinking about how weird I am.ย 
    For example, I have never really been able to share food/drinks with anyone, that's just me. But lately, I can't even share anything with my mum and she was pretty much the only one I could actually share with.

    So anyway, I have a best friend who I think is really disgusting. I know that is an awful thing to say about someone but it is the truth and I can't help it. Basically she is a big girl, now this doesn't make any difference normally but with her being so big (340lbs) she gets sweaty "down there" which means she has a constant smell of fish coming from her. She is also a VERY sweaty person (especially on her hands) which repulses me when she touches me and leaves a damp patch on me. This coupled with biting her nails so much that she has none left and the fact she actually mocks people who wash their hands after using the bathroom makes me feel sick. She has long, thick, bushy hair down to her butt which she freely admits and jokes about the fact she washes it once every 2 months minimum and then she asks me to do her hair for her because she's one of those people who pretends/thinks they can't do simple things and her hair always leaves a greasy residue on my hands after I've done it and dandruff goes EVERYWHERE. She also has really twisted teeth which isn't a problem but she doesn't brush them, so where they are twisted, there is plaque or tartar build up in the gaps which makes her breath smell so bad. Her lips are extremely cracked and she always has impetigo across her face or a coldsore.

    I feel really bad for being so judgy but I've told her numerous times and her mum tells her constantly but she just doesn't care and finds it funny.ย 

    So I'm laying here thinking that maybe this is why I have such issues with sharing food/drinks with people as I have been friends with her for 10 years now so have sort of growing up worrying about people's germs because of it.

    I also now cannot stay the night at anyone's house because I stayed at her house one night (shared a bed, had no choice), and we walked in the bedroom (her and her boyfriends, he was away) and the smell of stale sweat hit me like a ton of bricks and the white bedding was grey because it hadn't been washed in so long. I lifted the blanket to get in the bed and there was a poop skid marks on my side of the bed!!!!! I ended up sleeping on the hardwood floor that night and i hadn't eaten either, not realising I was going to be staying at her house. She went to the toilet for a number 2, off course didn't wash her hands and then offered to cook for me. I was too polite to tell her how I felt so I just pretended I had already eaten.ย 

    I love her to pieces but she is just so disgusting and I have literally just realised she is the reason behind all my issues and I needed to rant about it hahaha.

    Oh and also, I was always fine getting changed etc. In front of friends but even though we are so close, I just feel so uncomfortable taking any clothes off in front of her, even though she has a boyfriend and she does it in front of me it just feels really weird doing it in front of her.

    Anyway sorry for the long rant, if you have made it this far, thank you for reading and have a fantastic christmas!!!

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