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    I love them ALL!
    I hate them ALL!
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    Rant: Winter is coming...
    I live in New England. I have all my life so there is really no reason I should be surprised or depressed about this. Also, I've heard people say if I don't like it to move, but screw that. I can and WILL bitch about this!

    Getting ready for the first snow of the year. Supposed to have 4-7 inches from tonight into tomorrow then turning to rain. Fall is my favorite time of the year, but it seems like the nice fall weather/foliage only lasted 2 weeks. Now it's all bare and cold, and gets dark around 4pm and this crap winter weather lasts for what seems like 10 months.

    Seasonal depression is no joke (like I need another reason to be depressed). The fact that I need to dress in layers and my muscles charlie horse from it being so cold doesn't help either; no to mention the joy of shelling out extra money for heat.

    Some people love it for the holiday season, Skiing, snowboarding and other stuff, but I could never get used to it. I think i'm more accepting of it the older I get, but if I ever hit the lotto, I'm moving somewhere where it's more mild all year round.

    Some snow is ok, just not multiple storms where things get shut down and I'm shovelling all the time. Always looking gray, dead and dark is when I'm most miserable. Plus, with most of my family moved on or passed, the holidays to me are a rememberance of what used to be...

    Are you guys looking forward to winter, and what's winter like where you live? What is your least favorite time of the year?
    I'm torn on this one. Even though I do hate being cold, there are some things I love about the winter.

    A weird thing that I love is wearing a lot of clothes. I can't really explain it, but I love to bundle up. When it gets below 50F in the mornings, I've already upgraded to thermals and a hoodie while everyone else is still comfortable in just a long sleeve shirt. In any event, it is enjoyable sitting by a fire when it is cold outside. My friends and I used to do a lot of that because we all smoke and when you are drinking you can't be too far from a cig...

    But on the other hand, I fucking hate to be cold. It isn't even winter yet, but I already am dealing with cold ass feet from the time I step out on the job until hours after I make it home. 😡 No matter how many pairs of socks I wear I still deal with it day after day— and it will only get worse.

    I also hate Christmas shit being shoved at me beginning in fucking August...I dislike the holiday music everywhere that I go...I loathe the Santas everywhere ringing that god damned bell and trying to guilt me into giving them money.

    We don't get a lot of snow, but coincidentally, it was snowing a little here today. When it does, I generally get out of work because our towns are never properly prepared for large snows since it rarely occurs. So, I don't mind the snow. But I ain't out there playing in it either. And I don't have to shovel it like @LZA was talking about. Here, we just wait for it to melt— which is rarely more than a few days.

    So, I voted "Fuck Winter"

    I totally thought this was going to be a Game of Thrones thread 🤣
    This is the feedback I was looking for. I would LOVE for winter to "get down to 50-F". It's 28-F now and the snow is covering everything. I-84 is closed in parts due to a truck accident.

    Another thing you reminded me of is the cold ass feet. Can't agree more... When I shovel tomorrow, they'll be cold ass WET feet. My poor ex- father in law was working on the furnace at his apartment so the pipes won't freeze... See? All situations that do nothing but cause stress and make life miserable.

    Christmas music sucks... and to me, people can be phony with their Christmas cheer...But maybe that's just me and my views (just because I hate it doesn't mean others do)... The ONLY holiday I like in winter is New Years, since I take that as a chance for a new beginning.

    I guess GoT is in their last season and I have yet to watch one episode
    Just an update. Supposed to be in the teens next week, with another storm for Tuesday maybe... let the PAIN begin.

    SO I was helping my ex-Father in law, he had issues putting the plow on the truck. The jack broke and couldn't raise the plow to the height to connect with the truck...So we couldn't plow.

    And the snow was the slushy shit that weighs about 10 pounds per inch. A shovelful weighed about 437 pounds total... Real heart attack shit... Misery was intensified... The snowblower was having trouble throwing it... Pop would yell at me about missing spots and "you need to use common sense while snow blowing"... I told him it wasn't me, it was the snow that was the issue... He didn't believe me so he took over... Instead of saying "ya, you are right", when he was having the same issues as me he just exclaimed, "this is the WORST type of snow for the snowblower!"

    I'll never get my actual kudos but I took that statement as vindication...
    (This post was last modified: 11-18-2018, 01:46 PM by LZA.)
    I love the winter it's the only time of year I'm not hot. Summer is miserable for me. Ever since I was little I've given off a lot of heat, no idea why. I do get annoyed though if I have to constantly clean off my car and shovel. Especially in a really bad year when the snow piles up to two feet without melting and the snowbanks are like four feet. By February I'm like just fucking melt already. If it snows lightly all winter I'm happy because I love cold weather.
    (This post was last modified: 11-19-2018, 08:54 AM by politux.)
    Im buried in snow like 5 month each year and darkness for 7 months

    Life is awesome

    steven hawking

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