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    Rant: Facebook, Google, and Other Untrustworthy Scumbags
    Least you got a job homie Smile
    Oh, for sure, @politux.

    I just hate that I spend a lot of time dealing with social media plugins, Google extensions, etc. It is like working to help the enemy.

    That's why I am so proud of my work with Firefox. I haven't done that much, but at least I believe in the same things they do, for the most part.
    Word. I wouldn't feel bad working with google stuff though. It's kinda hard to avoid. I got a YT chan ffs.
    I conveniently forget that YouTube is Google shit from time to time...
    I know I'm basically the only one posting in this thread, but damn, I can't go anywhere without seeing more reputable stories outing Facebook as a bunch of sweater-vest and khaki-clad thugs.

    Revealed: Facebook’s global lobbying against data privacy laws

    Quote:Social network targeted legislators around the world, promising or threatening to withhold investment
    I don't really post here because although I know these platforms are fucked up, I'm too addicted to them to shit talk them as I'd feel hypocritical. I guess the ideas of these sites are cool, but the underhanded uses it was makes them evil.

    I like visiting the different groups, like the Grand Tour and Soprano discussion group. I don't even care as much about what my "friends" say... Most are political BS and posts about bitching about stuff anyway. FB is the biggest loser since they are into privacy betrayal while the others (from what I can see), are more into political agendas and censorship for the most part Twitter and YouTube, for example)... Probably wrong though...

    YouTube is my favorite, then Twitter. I must be too old for Instagram since I barely know what it's for...Posting pictures???  I guess I'm a mainstream sheep when it comes to this...
    (This post was last modified: 03-02-2019, 07:44 PM by LZA.)
    It is really getting hard to believe now. This shit is just getting worse and worse. If they can't handle basic shit like hashing passwords, how in the fuck are they managing such a huge piece of the Internet?

    Good god! WTF

    Facebook Staff Had Access To Hundreds Of
    Millions Of People's Passwords

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