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Rant Facebook, Google, and Other Untrustworthy Scumbags
For a rant guy, I really don't rant that much. I mean, I did start a forum about ranting, but those that know me are aware that I don't get heated very often. To say the least.

Anyway, I was reading this article from bloomberg about the latest Google debacle and it all begin to just stack up on my chest. Don't get me wrong, I'm not naive enough to think that the big Internet companies are always playing nice, but god damn it seems like everyone is up to no good all the time!

Facebook is obviously under fire for nefarious, data mining/selling/trading/giving-the-fuck-awaying...Zuckerberg is looking ragged out in those cashmere hoodies. Some might say that this big downfall is society's way of pushing back— or that these companies losing in the stock market speak as a warning to all other big Internet media companies to play nice or...or what?

They still made (and are still making) billions of dollars. Zuck is filthy fucking rich, won't do jail time, like ever, and can always ghost some other tech company in the worst case (and extremely unlikely) scenario of his getting kicked off of FB's board of directors.

Google knew we got fucked and chose to hide it. To me that speaks volumes about how much big companies "care about privacy" and "know better" than to betray the world at large. Just like all of the rich assholes, Google and Facebook will never be truly held accountable. Seems like that is a trend lately...
it is, and we can't do anything about it, other then stop using them, but the world is hella empty without.

now facebook is something special. fuck facebook....
I agree with you 100%. I deleted my Google+ profile (which I had not even used in over 5 years) and left them a snarky message why. What else can I do? I'm not going to stop using YouTube and Gmail, Google Search, Maps, Android, etc. As a consumer, even a fairly tech savvy one who uses Linux on the desktop, I have zero control over what any major corporation does with my private info. Not to mention the NSA. And you're right that the people with money never go to jail. I am starting to feel more and more that I'm living during the waning days of the Roman Empire and the crazy guy in charge just ordered 150 days of gladiator games to keep the people entertained while the empire crashes and burns.

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